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My close family used Cinnamon Bark internally, not to mention the sheer volume of Thieves products that contained Cinnamon.

I attempted some conversations with my “uplines” about the issue but merely got “don’t worry” and “I’ve used the products for years and I’m fine! Quickly realizing that I would not get the answers I wanted from them and not knowing where else to turn, I sent an e-mail to Young Living’s Chief Operating Officer, Jared Turner and included a copy of the test report.

Synthetic linalool may also have been added.” [copy of entire GC/MS report available below.

You will require a PDF reader or app in order to view the PDF files] Cinnamon Bark, Lot # 16121203 Tears filled my eyes as the reality of the situation began to sink in.

I was not on the call so I won’t speak for what happened as it would merely be hearsay, but they did request that Betty take down the petition because they were going to be issuing another statement.

After waiting for their statement (which didn’t come until the next day) [posted above and also available HERE], we were left with continued unanswered questions and determined the petition could not be taken down until they were addressed.

At this point in time I decided to collaborate with the group of three other distributors that had their samples sent in, and together we created a petition [found HERE] demanding that YL address our questions, specifically the ones we had following their last statement.

Immediately I sent a copy of the test report, screenshot of the post and pictures of the unopened bottle to Young Living’s product support [copy of that e-mail can be found by clicking the thumbnail below, or by clicking HERE] as I simply refused to believe any possibility that this could be true.

March 18th I received an email from the lab again containing the GC/MS report from my sample I had tested.

Nervously, I opened the attachment and scrolled to the bottom “conclusion” section….”The sample has been adulterated with synthetic cinnamaldehyde, indicated by the presence of phenylpentadienal isomers.

One of them had an unopened bottle of Cinnamon Bark with the same lot # originally tested and posted about back on February 25th.

They knew I was having a sample tested and wanted to know how they could go about getting their bottle tested, as well as another bottle of a different lot #, and a bottle of Thieves blend.

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