Dating antique glass

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For example, a scarce medicine like Tom's Russian Liniment, most often is seen in aqua, is occasionally found in a rich dark olive green which sells for ten times the price of the aqua bottle.

Even common bottles in a rare color valiant will be in greater demand and worth more. Basically, if a bottle has this type of appeal it will have value.

It is the combination of these factors that determine value.

Neural fancy panels, labels with outstanding color or graphics, and crudity may all add to what collectors see as a bottle's esthetic appeal.

A bottle in a common color without embossing or fancy design has little value to bottle collectors.

The main exceptions would be very early bottles ( pre-1840 "black glass" bottles which are not included in this guide), which rarely have any embossing and can sell for reasonably large sums based totally on their age, rarity and historical value.

The same is true if the embossing is on the base of the bottle or very small and less obvious.

Large, unusual, or crude embossing often adds to value.

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