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These ordinarily blow from east to west across the equatorial Pacific, helping to bottle up warm surface waters in the western part of the ocean basin.

As a La Niña episode gets going, those winds tend to strengthen, shoving even harder on warm surface waters, pushing them out of the way, and thereby allowing cooler water to well up from the ocean depths.

A number of factors have climatologists convinced that La Niña is brewing again.

Among them are changes to Pacific Ocean trade winds.

We won’t stick around and mention that we might be hurt.

We are already on our island, doing lots of work, seeing other people, having an affair, convincing ourselves and others that all is fine – and, above anything else, not wanting to talk about it.

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We can start the journey towards a more equitable position with a few simple questions: wondering which of the two – those who stand too far or those who stand too near – we most resemble; asking ourselves what in the past would have helped to make us so; tracking how our tendencies play out in day to day life in our relationships and finally picturing ourselves as one of those blessed individuals who know how to navigate the risks of love with a little more trust.

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We know to give them some room, hopeful that they will return, but sure of our eventual survival even if they don’t.

We don’t get furious and strict with them when they appear to have let us down: we simply say that we’re scared.

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