Graduate students dating undergraduate

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As members of a community characterized by multiple formal and informal hierarchies, it is incumbent on each of us to be sensitive to the ways in which we exercise power and influence and to be judicious in our relations with others.

Complaints regarding non-academic conduct of members of the Faculty should be addressed to the Dean of the Faculty.

Even when both parties have consented at the outset to a romantic or sexual relationship, the person in the position of greater authority, by virtue of his or her special responsibility and role in the core educational mission of the University, bears responsibility for any adverse professional consequences that arise.

Graduate students may date each other on or off campus without approved chaperones.

Beyond these prohibited relations, all romantic or sexual relationships between individuals of different University status require heightened awareness.

For example, a faculty member may wish to initiate a personal relationship with an individual over whom he or she has no current professional supervisory responsibility.

We ask that dating couples refrain from physical contact.

The classroom buildings are not considered appropriate places for dating.

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