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While Miramax Films owned the rights to the character, due to the fact that Jackie Brown went into production first, director Quentin Tarantino felt it was imperative that Miramax not charge Universal for using the character, allowing the character's appearance without Miramax receiving financial compensation.Nicolette appears in only one brief scene, whereas the character was a much more substantial element of Jackie Brown.The character of Foley appealed to Clooney, who as a boy had considered as heroes the bank robbers in movies, citing "the Cagneys and the Bogarts, Steve Mc Queen and all those guys, the guys who were kind of bad and you still rooted for them.And when I read this, I thought, 'This guy is robbing a bank but you really want him to get away with it.'" Soderbergh cites Nicolas Roeg's 1973 film Don't Look Now as the primary influence on how he approached the love scene between Foley and Sisco: "What I wanted to create in our movie was the intimacy of that, the juxtaposition of these two contrasting things ...Sandra Bullock was originally considered to play Karen Sisco opposite Clooney.According to Soderbergh, "What happened was I spent some time with [Clooney and Bullock] and they actually did have a great chemistry. They really should do a movie together, but it was not Elmore Leonard energy." Danny De Vito and Garry Shandling were considered for the part of Ripley before Albert Brooks was cast.The first of several collaborations between Soderbergh and actor George Clooney, it was released on June 26, 1998.

Andrew Sarris, in his review for The New York Observer, wrote, "For once in a mainstream production, the narrative machinery works on all cylinders without any wasted motion or fatuous rhetoric.

We had to mix it up and have you feel like you were more in their heads." The character Ray Nicolette also appears in Leonard's novel Rum Punch, which was being filmed as Jackie Brown when Universal Pictures was preparing to begin production on Out of Sight.

After Michael Keaton was cast as the detective Nicolette in Jackie Brown, Universal subsequently cast him for a cameo in the same role in Out of Sight.

U filmu se kao pojavljuje lik agenta ATF Raya Nicolettea, koji se također pojavio u Leonardovom romanu Rum Punch, prethodne godine ekraniziranog kao Jackie Brown.

Out of Sight is a 1998 American crime comedy film directed by Steven Soderbergh and written by Scott Frank, adapted from Elmore Leonard's novel of the same name.

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