Plenty of fish dating site is bullshit

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Women like that make it difficult for the ones that are really looking for something real. I assume its because they like to use people or want to hop around & experience different guys. Be glad you found out now before you took them out to someplace expensive. It's shouldn't be a big deal really, if they pull this on you even once, tell them to bugger off and simply hit the delete button. I just got told that a guy I was dating was going to pick me up and NEVER showed up. Now, after 3 dates, if the guy is still looking than I know its not gonna work. At least she called you to tell you she was going to bail, not that it makes it better but you didn't waste your time waiting around for her to show up I cant stand when a woman leads me on, then bails after 2 or 3 weeks. Thats not always fair to the "good" ones out there! I've been involved in a few dating sites and been quite succesful at it really, But ... Sorry ladys but this is the flat out truth like it or not. Why get upset over someones profile that you've never even met and who the hell knows if it's even thier pic you're staring at in the 1st place or a guy posing as a chick? He should be able to give it up for a couple of days? I agree mostly with the not being who she said she was comments. I started to detect players very quickly, after 8 months wasted on a guy who was always here while I was considering his move-in offer. Maybe she thought you wouldn't actually want to meet her or whatever. Accidentally (helping my friend to set up a profile) I discovered my love was busy entertaining himself here. Maybe that means I risk missing meeting an amazing man, or maybe I'll just miss another akward date to add to the growing pile. And by the way - no animals were harmed or shots fired in the making of this rant. I've been in a relationship where my gf was talking to creeps on the internet, these guys were blatantly after sex (after getting a sneaky peak at the chat logs) and were putting on all the charms, it was sickening to see.Haha, never brushed someone off here, but yeah, if my friend is being too pushy for something I don't want to do, I can argue, I can cave, or I can lie. If you won't listen or accept any answer but what you want to hear, then you have it coming. They would "joke" sometimes about offering sex and she'd joke back, trouble is theyre not joking.....I must suffer the third degree to meet and date an attractive woman; regardless of how shy she pretends to be? I have found that people have a really hard time being very honest with someone about not wanting to be with them--for whatever reason.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

But someone in the thread further up said that internet dating is a farce.

It makes me wonder: if we are destined to be with someone, and our Fates are bound to cross, will they cross on the Internet, or do we have to meet in person for Destiny to take over? I remember my first online date and was positively sick over his appearance when we finally met....instead of having the guts to tell him face to face about the deceit of his profile and photos, I ate dinner and drove home sick to my stomach, I did write him an email and was then candid about the fact that he had lied and I was not interested...cant people just be truthful and let each other know they are not attracted to one another or not interested? What I think is sad is that you think you've never met a nice, honest, caring good woman.

I had to email a few dates after meeting them, because I just could not find the guts to tell them face to face. Although I still get guys on my POF , for me it's just talk, not serious(mind on my schooling and son) but they STILL want to play a game... As positive as I am with life, nothing will let me down..long as I know how to handle the situation ...

At least I did let them know there was no only the right thing to do. I really liked him too.[I found out a long time ago that internet dating does not work no matter what anyone says , and we had to start to do things the old fasion way.] So true! I was very optimistic but the last guy was really my last.

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