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The connection between fans of the Chicago Bears and the internet browser Firefox is continuing to grow.

After a Bears fan was spotted with a Firefox logo in the crowd at Lincoln Financial Field in Week 12 while the team was getting dismantled by the Philadelphia Eagles, the folks at Firefox reached out to help any and all fans of the Bears who wanted to sport their logo at games.

It’s a company still run by people you can reach, music people.

Proper are one of the easiest, and most reliable distributors to work with.

They truly value their physical music customers and this comes through in excellent customer service.

interview each client to specifically create a menu that consists of fresh ingredients of the season; recipes that are fun to make and not tired; items that meet the needs and theme of the event; flavors that exceed the client and guest expectations and—ultimately—a full package that is customized and one-of-a-kind.

“You seem to have an accommodating disposition,” laughed Tommy.

After video of aviation police violently dragging a United Airlines passenger off a plane against his will (because of the flight being overbooked of all things) went viral, all the United CEO could do was apologize for "having to re-accommodate" the customers.

This said, when we wanted to start trading with a new label that we’d not previously dealt with – we knew from experience, that if we put them in touch with Proper to manage their distribution, the trading relationship would be seamless.

They’re accommodating, flexible and have a great sales team – basically, a pleasure to work with!

“We’re not here to start any trouble, but unfortunately, the logo used in the stands in Philadelphia was out of date.

If any Firefox fans are planning on carrying a Firefox Logo to an upcoming sporting event and sitting in a highly visible location in the stadium, please send us a note on Twitter and we’ll do our best to get you on-brand.” 247Sports reached out to Firefox to see what exactly the brand is doing to accommodate fans wanting to support the Firefox movement in Chicago.

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