Who is parker posey dating

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You're always wondering if Louie’s going to see what's in front of him. Over the course of the two episodes the character changes a lot, as we learn more about her. And she goes, ' Yeah, I'll go along, I'll be your projection,' you know? I think she likes him but I also think she really wants to help him. These people you meet in the city that have come from so many places, to reinvent themselves, to reinvent the moment, to change, to transform situations, she’s that. The person you meet on the street that you think is someone and it's someone else. It can be read as like she's someone who desperately needs to have a drink or not. And that’s what people are missing in what they watch; a lot of television lacks who people are, right? " It’s almost like we're not used to watching this kind of thing, right?

What makes her so sad is she wants to reach out to people, but she’ll never get that chance. There is a scene there I particularly like where Margaret invites Toni Collette over for a drink and she takes out some airplane lunch trays and airplane booze and they sit there and they drink it.

It's a haunted house and you can't imagine what happened to them as a child. As a woman it's like, Thank god for "Louie" and Lena and “Girls.” In comparison with most of what we have it's like, it's so dynamic, it's so compelling and this breath of fresh air. But then the way that he's being funny is — he doesn't see her at all!

I think it's kind of true to life this idea of meeting someone and having them be much more passionate and dynamic than you could ever imagine. And I don’t know if you've ever seen this, but a person can frost over. It's also unsettling because she’s talking about suicide and even though she doesn’t jump and even though she’s saying how much she doesn’t want to jump, as she’s talking it becomes very clear that …Good. And I think she goes out on this little journey with him to play a part, to lose herself.

And a couple of days later we hung out and then he went into his cage and came out with these episodes. I mean he's already written her dialogue for her. And I said, "Here’s someone who is your doppelganger, someone who looks just like you." And she said, “Is her name Elaine? And I've had people say things like, “You live in my building.” “No I don't, I promise, my name is Parker.” “No, you don't, you live in my building.” That’s a little different for me because I’m, I don’t know what, a famous person.

It's interesting, because I think in a way she's a therapist for him. She’s the one that's changing him, waking him up to something, getting him out of his head and seeing something. He comes up to her and he's talking and what he's saying is just like a mouthful of what he thinks she's thinking. People have more dimensions to them than we give them credit for. Or, like, I met a girl outside of a cafe and I thought she was someone else, and I was like, "Are you ...? But people do have that thing, like the scene in the bar is this idea too, that you can be mistaken for someone else here in the city. You know, it's so interesting, we're having a talk about a character and you're going, "Are you really sad?

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